Why are the women not allowed to speak publically during your meetings?

God makes it plain that He has assigned different roles for men and women to be displayed in our gatherings. God established man as head of the woman (1 Cor.11:3, 8-9; Gen.3:16). The woman is also a picture of the Church as seen in Ephesians 5, while man is a picture of Christ. Therefore, when the assembly gathers together the woman does not speak. She is always to learn in quietness (see 1 Timothy 2:12), regardless of the setting. Quietness does not mean silence in non-assembly settings, but the gentle and quiet spirit of 1 Peter 3:4. She is never to teach the man because she is to fulfill the above pictures of headship.

The clear teachings of Scripture on this subject have been clouded almost universally by the smokescreen of inferiority/superiority. There is no such thought found in Scripture! The claim is often made that Paul was simply a woman-hating bachelor, or he didn’t understand women, or his words simply conveyed a cultural “reality” of Corinth where short-haired, uncovered women often were prostitutes. Inspired Scripture says that the things that Paul wrote are the “commandments of the Lord” (1 Cor.14:37). As a result of this unbelief and faulty teaching, women are often active in preaching and teaching and praying in the church, publicly. Virtually everywhere, in almost every denomination and group, headcoverings have been discarded as a relic of the past and all too often the men wrongly take the place of the woman and never open their mouth in praise or worship.

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